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Areas of Practice

M&A: Exclusive Sales of Stand-Alone Companies

Worldwide search for the highest and best value realizable for your company. Expertly guided preparation to increase realizable shareholder value, benefiting from over 3 decades of alert observation and trial and error.

M&A: Representing Acquirers

We work on “one-off” acquisitions, but our assignments for leanly staffed public and private companies are usually wider in scope: in partnership with client staff, we manage or co-manage acquisition programs or business development feasibility projects if the desired growth plan through acquisition has not yet been fully dialed in.

M&A: Exclusive Sales of Operating Divisions and Orphan Assests

Divesting your non-core (“Orphan”) operating units in a CORE business for us. We develop a customized, turn-key Plan of Disposition designed to recover maximum value from a worldwide prospect pool. We focus on the divestiture, you focus on executing on your current strategy.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships can be a significant shareholder growth accelerant. Some are the outgrowth of a well-developed strategic plan, others are ad hoc, opportunistic – “them came to us.” Either way, a successful, long-term strategic partnership, though based on tactical collaboration between two independent entities, requires the same disciplined approach to develop and structure as is required of an M&A transaction. We work on “one-off” strategic partnership ideas, but our assignments are usually programmatic in scope.

Initial Public Offerings

Planning, preparation and project management of initial public offerings. We assess the feasibility of going public now, weighed against deferring until additional key business milestones are met. We evaluate, comprehensively, eligibility to function well as a public company, and assist clients to bridge any gaps. We carefully develop, based on 3 decades of experience, the investment thesis for prospective investors in an IPO, and when carefully soliciting book-running offering managers among the nationally recognized investment houses, we “tell, not ask” what the valuation range is, and the supporting tracking metrics.

If your company’s annual revenues are between $30 million and $500 million, we can help

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